Pork & chicken broth, roast pork loin, 6-minute egg, menma, kamaboko, nori, scallion.


Spicy miso pork & chicken broth, braised pork belly, poached egg, kamaboko, mushrooms, nori, scallion.

ANDO (v)

Cold ramen. Ponzu-sesame dressing, 6-minute egg, cucumber, tomato, bean sprouts, lemon mayo, scallion.


Roast Pork      Pork Belly      Extra Noodles      Grilled Tofu      6-Minute Egg      Poached Egg
Roasted Tomato      Pickled Cucumber      Menma      Nori      Scallions      Spice Bomb


Chicken Karaage (Kar-ah-ah-gay) – Japanese-style nuggets, sriracha lemon mayo.
Shrimp in Blankets – Fried wonton-wrapped shrimp, Thai-style Pok Pok sauce.
Smashed Cucumbers (v+) Tangy garlicky dressing
Edamame (v+) Sesame oil, furikake

V = vegetarian   V+ = vegan


1974: Birth
1982: Immigration
1992-1997: College
1997: REAL ramen
1997-2006: Metropolis
2006: Lexingtonian
2014: MasterChef
2014-2017: Evangelist
2017 – Atomic Ramen

1974: Birth

Dan Hong Wu is born in Wuxi, China with no knowledge of the X-Men, Godzilla, or Sriracha.

1974: Birth

1982: Immigration

Dan’s first present in the United States is a set of green plastic army men. His first American meal is a 3-piece KFC box. Mind. Blown.

1982: Immigration

1992-1997: College

Dan perfects the art of adding leftovers to top ramen in college. Roommates are impressed.

1992-1997: College

1997: REAL ramen

Dan visits San Francisco’s Japantown. Also blows disposable income on Miyazaki posters and action figures.

1997: REAL ramen

1997-2006: Metropolis

Dan live in  and eats his way through San Francisco & New York, forgets to save for retirement.

1997-2006: Metropolis

2006: Lexingtonian

Dan is forced to cook for himself. Discovers love of smoked meat, develops and sells the short-lived “Redneck Chinaman” BBQ sauce.

2006: Lexingtonian

2014: MasterChef

On a lark, Dan tries out for MasterChef and wins a coveted apron with his signature dish of, you guessed, RAMEN. 8 episodes later is defeated by red velvet cake. Nation mourns.

2014: MasterChef

2014-2017: Evangelist

Dan cooks, eats, writes, and podcasts about the burgeoning local food scene. Can’t stop thinking about ramen though.

2014-2017: Evangelist

2017 – Atomic Ramen

Fueled by his dual loves of pop culture & comfort food, Dan creates the world’s first super-powered noodle shop.

2017 – Atomic Ramen




This stuff is literal manna of the Gods. I would eat this every day if I could. You gotta give it a whirl. 

Melissa R

Delicious and inspired dishes, high quality ingredients, and beautiful plating. Cannot wait to get more…..and more and more!

Danielle G

Delicious and authentic. Entrées are top notch and presented very well.

Bangaly S

The cold ramen was light and refreshing. Perfect for a hot day.

Bill N

Dan is an amazing and dedicated entrepreneur. His food is fantastic and he’s a pretty cool dude.

Tony F

Incredible food, fun atmosphere, Atomic Ramen does not disappoint. It’s a feast for all the senses!

Tanya T

I can all but guarantee you that it will give you superpowers.

Drew S

The ramen was fantastic, and I also LOVED the super hero decor theme!

Heather C

High quality food with complex layers of flavor. The staff was also nice and the service timely. I could eat here everyday and be happy!

Jennifer R

Try the Otomo for a spicy, warm your tummy meal! Delicious. Don’t be embarrassed if you turn the bowl up to get every last drop of that broth!

Joy D

The broth was some of the best I have ever had (I uh… drank it out of the bowl) and the pork was perfectly cooked.

Christopher C

Our whole family loves the Chicken Kara-Age, but be warned, you’re kids won’t be satisfied with dry, bland, white-meat only nuggets after they try these.

Leanna M

I have never had authentic ramen and was excited to try it. They did not disappoint. Great atmosphere and staff!

Chelsea R

I lived directly across the street from Momofuku Noodle Bar in NYC for six years and have been desperately waiting for a place to get amazing ramen here in Lex ever since. This is finally it.

John B

Best bowl of ramen I’ve ever had and the wings are also stellar.

Walter L

Off the chain! Finally legit 🍜 ramen in Lexington. The spice bomb 🌶 Rocks!

Stacy J

I knew it would be good, but I didn’t know it would be THAT good.

Kiki D

Not just comfort food, but total eye rolling goodness.

Christina T

You have not had ramen until you have had THIS ramen.

Marigail S

Holee sh… this bowl is a winner. Excellent body to the soup without the stickiness of too much collagen. Pork was soft with a slight crunchy top. Noodles are on point.

Takeshi K


Taylor B

Delicious. oh this has to be fifty characters? ridiculously delicious.

Steev A

Batdad voice* “Dear God, the Uhura ramen was exquisite.”

Rick B

The Otomo is great! Service is on point! 10/10, would try again.

Justin B

Delicious and clearly made by folks who love what they do!

Anna C

So yummy! The food is great. Wonderful selection of Japanese sodas.

Jami K C

Great food, great atmosphere, and great theme….even bought the shirt.

Darrell W

I’m addicted to this place! Always great service! Keep banging out the tasty ramen!

Brent F

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you can find us

you can find us

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contact us

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